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Famicom AV mod

The following is my attempt at the Famicom AV mod a bit poorly described here:

I had my Famicom for a while now (Bought it off of eBay a few years ago) but never got around to converting the RF output until now. I decided to keep the modifications as minimum as possible and this is why I went with a hard-wired A/V option vs. drilling holes for RCA jacks on the chassis itself. The only mod visible in my approach is a very tiny opening in the rear to allow the A/V cables to come out. Turned out super clean.

This is the PNP transistor that is already on the board and is simply re-used (See original mod instructions).

Top side of the board where the PNP transistor used to be.

Some shielding I made with a small piece of paper.

Video Out resistor junction (100 and 150R).

Instructions say to add a 33uF Ceramic capacitor for Video Out. I used a 22uF electrolytic w/o issues.

A/V cable routing, internal.

A/V cable routing in rear.

Only went for a Mono audio out (White) to minimize cabling. Audio was super easy, just straight out of PIN26 on the cartridge connector, coupled with a 220uF cap.

First test was with Arctic Adventure cart. Looks great. Some vertical gray bars but they are so mild its not even worth desoldering the PPU to add the copper shielding (See original instructions) so I will leave it like this. TV is a brand new 2013 Vizio 60 inch LED.